I’m exhausted from my own brain. The ADHD, OCD and physical disabilities make me exhausted all of the time because I’m always thinking a million miles per hour or fighting off rituals and intrusive thoughts. Is there anyone else who values their life and is generally happy but is also just so tired from fighting their body constantly just to do simple things?

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  • coolhippieaunt


    yes that’s exactly how i feel. like i want to live my life but my body just keeps me from so much & causes so many obstacles. i’ve tried to talk to therapists about this but haven’t got a lot of good feedback on how to deal with it & cope better. i try to keep a running list of things i’m living for

  • ftrsyck


    i have adhd and ocd too, both of those cause a lot of mental strain on me even when i dont realize. its because there is always intrusive thoughts and hyperactive thoughts going on constantly, its hard. i feel you

  • Kid


    i get this completely. it’s one thing to deal with these feelings and have to overcome them daily, but people don’t talk enough about the physical and mental strain the after effects have on ones body. yes im very happy and proud when i overcome my ailments and am able to get through a few days of the week, but im beyond exhausted after it. im happy but my body shuts down and can’t do the simple tasks that will prepare me for the next week to come. then i get anxious about it because im scared that if i take this day off it’ll affect the next week, but at the same time my body is so insanely tired that i can’t bring myself to do anything even if i wanted to. it’s an extremely vicious cycle. ive honestly never gotten concrete advice on how to deal with this. all you will hear is that it’s okay to take a day off and all that general stuff (which is true but it becomes a drag to hear on and on again right?) i personally take it into my own hands and try to do self care rituals that will help my mind and my body be at peace. im so tired of my mind and body fighting and constantly in conflict, so for a little time every week i let them rest. experiment with different types of activities which will help you rest and take control of your body and mind, and understand why the feelings of each are conflicting. if you need help getting started, one of my favorite things to do is journal. i journal how my body feels, and how my mind feels, and how i wish they would feel, and how i can cope with these feelings. if you need any more tips feel free to dm me and know that you’re never alone in this ofc <3 best of luck to you !

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