Has anyone with PCOS had success using ovulation strips to get pregnant?

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  • Eebee


    I have tried using the premom strips with the app. No success. My doctor told me it's because I am not ovulating every month, so there is no change in the hormone levels

    • Onda


      I’m sorry, that must be extremely frustrating. Did your doctor give you guidance on how to get you ovulating?

  • E_belli


    I'm not well-versed on ovulation strips. But when I was younger I had “ovarian drilling” and it helped me start ovulating again and supposedly help me to be fertile.

    • Onda


      Thann you for sharing that. I’m unfamiliar with ovarian drilling, but I’m going to look into it. Was it a painful process?

      • E_belli


        it wasn't too bad. I had 3 small cuts/ inscisions and I was sore. Kinda jus like bad cramps. I was fine and back to normal activities after 3-4 weeks. And that was with me taking it very easy so it maybe could have been 2-3 weeks. But it shouldn't be after 4.

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