I've been really struggling with setting boundaries. I love the people in my life, but when I put myself first and they get angry with me for it or make me feel guilty, it can make me regret setting boundaries to begin with. How do I deal with that guilt?

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  • michiweachie


    think about how you’d encourage them to put themselves first in some situations and how they shouldn’t feel guilty, why treat yourself any differently?

  • AngelRose


    You are doing well! We need boundaries for our well-being...Talk to them, tell them at times you need time for yourself and boundaries for your well-being, that we all do...try setting up time to do things together that you all would enjoy at least once a month

  • Juggalette


    I think that, eventually, you get used to it. I didn't think I'd get used to a lot of things, but surprisingly, I did.

  • Porcelain


    Those boundaries are healthy and if they will not give up on vilanizong you about it, then you have to somehow accept that and get comfortable with that for yourself. Keeping them at arm's length is best. If for example, it's a family member asking for a ride to the store only give them help when you are able to and want to and do not give into it being more urgent that what you have alloted. They will also eventually get the message, and if not they will have to adjust and get their needa met elsewhere. It is not your responsibility to out them above yourself.

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