I’ve only really hung on bc later this year I was going to move in with my friends. However that got screwed up today and it’s not happening anymore so I feel lost. My family life is a mess and life in general (working, having a kid/spouse one day, etc.) doesn’t interest me anymore. I’m not sure what to do with myself and I don’t see the point in going on. Any words of wisdom lol?


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  • dogdad13


    Just because you can't see a reason to go on, doesn't mean there isn't one. For me, thinking too far ahead is the fastest way I get overwhelmed and start having an episode. Try to take it slowly, one week at a time, and do as much as you can today to make tomorrow easier. No one can give you a reason to keep going, you just have to do it until you find your own

  • Slug.5


    Set small goals for yourself, everybody’s life plans change when we meet the right people wether that be to raise a family or join a commune…life can give you opportunities that don’t align with a cookie cutter lifestyle

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