Has anyone with POTS or Dysautonomia suffered frequent or recurring infections (UTI, sinus, etc) ? I find that my POTS symptoms (+HR, breathlessness, dizzy, etc) spike if I’m experiencing an infection. My HR and list of other symptoms are flaring. For example, I could be sitting or laying down and my HR is 100 bpm. If I sit up or stand it goes much higher. But it consistently stays between 90-115 sometimes just laying down. It’s been like this for 2 days now. I’m wondering if it could be I have an infection that I don’t know about yet, or maybe weather changes (heat!), or just not even sure.


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  • CoffeeAndDogs


    I don't have this personally, but I have heard within the Dys community that some do experience frequent infections. I would see about making an appt with your PCP or going to urgent care. Better to be safe!

  • Anasthasia


    I get utis or kidney infections when the weather gets extremely hot. Then my hr variation is very pronounced. If your hr is worse than usual, you could go get a work up at urgent care, just at least let someone check your lungs/urine/maybe do a COVID test.

    • LovelyNova


      me too! I have a history of UTI’s and kidney infections during the summer especially. What is strange is that sometimes the UTI tests will be negative and won’t show positive until it’s very high and it also depends on the lab. I’ve learned to avoid going to the doctor as much as I can, but I will if I have to this time. Thank you!

      • Anasthasia


        this year during a spike in temps outside my bladder infection morphed into a septic kidney infection overnight, so don’t mess around. You can get your own test strips for home too…

      • Fibrofoggirl


        same for me

  • SylviaIris13


    This happens to me any time I get sick if my immune system has to fight anything my pots gets worse and I'm hugely temperature sensitive when it happens. I usually have to be freezing cold sitting outside but in a big blanket to find some kind of neutral nothing else helps. I think you have to find your body's weird quirky fixes

  • hime


    my uti experience is so strange. i went to urgent care where they saw blood (i was not on my period) and gave me antibiotics but the sample came back normal, even though i had uti symptoms. i had a kidney infection back in october i think caused everything and now i’m siri careful about possible utis. i think i have them oddly often, but it’s hard to tell apparently

    • LovelyNova


      I’m exactly the same way. I get al the symptoms of UTI and microscopic blood in the urine but the tests come back negative for UTI. I also get flank pain and low abdominal and back pain, nausea, POTS flares and all. So I feel very confused about what’s going on and how to treat it

  • Zoey_Val


    I have the same issue! I have dysautonomia as well and I get infections soo often it’s so frustrating. I have a sinus infection about 60% of the year every year and currently having a BV infection which is recurring as well. I’ve seen so many specialists and I just can’t take antibiotics 8 times a year so I’ve stopped going for antibiotics every time idk what to do. Definitely during the summer it is worse and I’m not sure why. My POTS symptoms are so much worse when my body is fighting infection as well. It’s like one single germ can knock me out for weeks! I will also get flu symptoms for about two weeks after just one day of overexerting myself (doing things that I used to do every day with no issues) I totally get the frustration as well

    • LovelyNova


      exactly on the same boat! Currently fighting either an infection or something. My Dysautonomia symptoms are very pronounced. I was prescribed antibiotics ar an urgent care a few days ago for the 5th time this year! I was just told by my doctor to stop them (again) because the culture results just came back negative. I don’t understand and don’t know what to do.

  • Purpleheart


    I’m recently diagnosed but I was progressively getting worse since a upper respiratory infection 11 months ago and now I have POTS and I have been prescribed fluticasone and other allergy medication and I do have recurring UTIs and a few weeks ago they did a bladder emptying study and found liquid retention. But I did a blood test for COVID (cuz all this months nasal swab was negative) and I have high antibodies on blood… I dunno what happened

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