Hi all, I am new to this. I have a lot of anxiety that is starting to get in the way of my enjoying life and I was curious if there is anyone else out there that feels the same. It’s as if my fear has the ability to hold me back from what I want! Anyway, I hope someone is able to read this and maybe relate. Sending everyone warm hugs and care πŸ’›

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • DariaFae



  • Ashley84


    Hugs I hope you feel better soon

  • Skipeople


    Welcome! I can definitely relate to your fear and anxiety holding you back. I struggle with that as well.

  • Avidcomic



  • tahtah


    Music helps with my anxiety if I feel overwhelmed I usually listen too Pandora or select songs on YouTube and listen too songs I like you should also make sure your basic needs are being met like getting enough water sleep and enough too eat you can be sad because your hungry or tired if your dehydrated you don't think as clear because you are thirsty I have agoraphobia it's went away but I stopped listening too music when I was going out and it got worst but I'm listening too music when I go out again and it's helping that along with sea moss and taking care of myself having my basic needs being met and many other things I like too do has help me too feel like myself again and I am in a happy place now you have too encourage yourself Alotta people will know how much you want them in your life and never say anything too you and you'll never be friends because thats one of the ways bad people rob you of the days of your life that's why it's important too take care of yourself if you take care of yourself people will be drawn too you as long as you focus on other people and neglect yourself it just makes it easier for people too ignore you people who have friends usually make sure they put themselves first that's why people are drawn too them

  • hannahslay


    i can relate. Something you need to remind yourself is , you were not designed to let fear control you even though it’s very hard. you’re worthy and you’re loved. It’s Mind over matter everyday. Let your mind be stronger than your fears

  • ChristineD


    Oh yes. I can totally relate. So sorry.

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