Right now I am taking Lamictal (Lamotrigine) to treat my Bipolar 1 and I was wondering if anyone else felt that it did not fully target the mania aspects. I feel that they are way more frequent though less severe (like hypomania). Did this happen to anyone else? If so did you have to combine another medicine with it?

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  • Stevie


    😥Hi I was not on that type of medication for my Bipolar ok . I don't know what to say to you about it. I have been on other type of medication in the past ok . Maybe you should talk to your Doctor about it more or your threpist ok . I wish you will about it ok.

  • Millie


    I'm on Lamictal mainly for seizures but it halfway manages my bipolar keeps me in a depressed state so having to take an antidepressant along with it. But it seems to help me with my manic episodes.

  • Kait115


    Lamotrigine helps more with depressive episodes. I took oxtellar and I loved but the manufacturer stop helping me get it for free. I like being able to feel my emotions on lamotrigine. I did get some euphoria at first because I felt so good and normal. But it subsided fairly quickly.

  • Kait115


    Oh and I’m on the extended release! It works wonders when it’s slowly releasing all day.

  • Quinee


    Hey, I used to take Lamictal a few years ago, and just as you said, I felt not quite balanced, a little hypomanic. After trying combinations with other drugs that were not successful, my doctor recommended I take Lithium. Since then I’m feeling much much better.

  • horselover1937


    Doesn't work for me but can't find any dr to change it to something else

  • lovingluna


    I have upped my lamectal many times and combined it with other mood stabilizers which helped with the hypomania that the lamectal couldn’t fully help

  • wow


    @lovingluna did u happen to take Seroquel on its own before combining it with lamictal? if so did you have a side affect of being overwhelming tired/drained/unmotivated?

  • Tinker94


    I was on lamotrigine and it helped for a minute and then stopped working and it caused my eyes to be extremely sensitive to light. I was switch to trileptal and the difference is astounding. I still have mania but far less severe.

  • alike101


    I just replaced my abilify and lamotrigine for lithium

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