I feel utterly alone, like I just moved out of my parents house so I know it’s expected but with me being depressed already it didn’t help me the way I thought it would. I live with roommates but we don’t really speak. It’s just one of those days where I just want to cry but I can’t. How do I stop feeling lonely? I just want to be happy.


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  • AJM


    I feel lonely often, and usually my first step is to download an app for finding new friends. I've had mostly fails to be honest but I've also had a few successes. Although, it would probably be better to look for friends in person. I think joining communities or groups you are interested in would be helpful. Not only can you increase your chances of finding friends, but you can also fill in your time with something meaningful. Even activities without people can be fulfilling.. picking up a hobby or learning a new skill.. anything to help distract you from your feelings. As long as it's healthy, I think it can even be considered as a form of self-care. It's cliché but loving yourself is considered a surefire way of deterring most of our loneliness for a reason. Also, you've just gained a lot of freedom and flexibility now that you've moved out. Why not take the time to explore what this can do for you? Have some fun, don't isolate, and try new things :)

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