I’m, so I haven’t not been officially diagnosed. I have been having chronic pain only on my right pelvic/groin area. Symptoms of pressure, pain while using the restroom, only on the right side—pain! Cramping type pain and then dull ache.

I have been cleared by gynecologist, and urologist. I saw a gastroenterologist last week. He is kind of baffled because of the location of the pain. He gave me some IBS pain because it might that. The medication has not changed helped any symptoms.

How did your pain feel? Any advice?

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  • MojoB


    Hi Zeida, I have a long history of abdominal/incisional hernias and surgeries for them, but I believe my initial pain was lower right abdominal area. I highly recommend that you go see a specialty doctor, specifically a hernia surgeon (usually a Gastrointestinal doctor). He or she will order a CT scan and see what's going on. Do you feel nausea at all? Do you get more pain after eating greasy/fatty food or drinking pop? If your pain in more in the groin area, they should be able to see of its a inguinal/groin hernia as well (by examination and by CT scan), but I don't have any experience from those. Let me know if you have any questions. Btw, what state are you in? There's also a couple really good (and private) Facebook groups who are very truthful and helpful people who have gone through the same thing as you. Take care, hope it gets resolved safely. 🙏❤️

  • Zelda_Ziggy


    Thank you, Louisiana

  • Jackstoneridge


    Yes I agree a CT would tell you if you had a hernia

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