i’m currently on 10 mg of prozac and it’ll be two weeks of taking it on thursday. i have an appointment at the end of the month with my doc to prob get the dosage bumped up. has anyone taken prozac? and if so did it help and what dose were you on that was most helpful??



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  • talulla


    I was at 20mg from june to December and it did not really work for me :( I have had friends though who it really helped, espec with suicidal ideation! They were on 20-40 mgs I think :)

  • birdierm


    i’ve been on prozac for almost a year, started with 10mg which didn’t do much, so bumped up to 20mg. stayed on that dosage which worked well for me through the summer and upped to 40mg at the season change, on that now and might try to taper down for the warmer weather again. prozac has helped loads with depressive spells, and taken my anxiety down to almost nothing compared to before

  • HW


    i’m on 60 mg. it’s finally working

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