As a young person experiencing fibromyalgia symptoms, does anyone have any tips for getting doctors to listen? Also is there any treatments alternative or otherwise that have significantly helped you?

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  • Prinsess_Sofia


    Well thankfully I had a great doctor that managed my pain. He did the pressure point test on me, which is basically them bobbing their thumbs into certain points on my body, and I basically fell to the floor in pain. And after that I had a lot more support from everyone. But sadly I don’t have any recommendations on treatments that have helped.

  • AliceKnope24


    I am currently using cbd and kratom those help me to most of the time at least get out of bed. It is very hard with doctors you definitely learn the more you go to how to sort of talk a certain way to them however it never gets easier dealing with the gaslighting. There is a book called good decisions are the best medicine. It has a lot of useful information on finding good doctors and doing your own research to bring to the doctor. I know it’s work and that is exhausting to do on top of just being in pain but it’s worth it. I found if you find useful information depending on the doctor if you can talk to them in a way where they kind of think it’s their idea in the first place they are usually willing to help completely. Here if you need any help, guidance or just someone to talk to! ❤️

  • I_Need_Caffeine


    If they aren’t listening, look for a new doctor who is willing to help. Also low sugar and lower carbs (esp wheat, potatoes, etc), avoid nightshade vegetables if you can tell that they affect you, hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, massage therapy, essential oils (peppermint, wintergreen, clove), cbd oil, Capsaicin oil by Bager, and the best so far a tens unit that goes on your leg called a Quell.

  • Walking_Library


    If a doctor is refusing to listen to you or lacks appropriate listening skills, use the phrase “I want that documented on my chart”. If they refuse testing, ask them to document their refusal and why they refused it. Most doctors don’t like reflecting poorly, even in charts. It’s a slight pressure on the doctor to treat you better. But ultimately, if the doctor is not listening to you, find a new doctor.

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