I’m graduating college this Friday. I always thought I’d kms before I’d finish college so it’s a weird feeling. I want to be happy and proud of myself, but I’m also scared of joining the “real world.” I’m also not ready for all my family members to ask me my career plans at my grad party. It’s so much easier to dream of the future than to plan for it especially when my brain is always telling me I’ll never make it that far. I’ve been so hyper focused on keeping up with school too, like how can I think about my next step when the present takes up so much of my energy

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  • zerochan


    aw congrats! im graduating this month too :3 ur not alone, the real world is frightening. you just knocked off a whole milestone, many people are not even able to make it past high school. theres so much pressure on newly grads on future plans job search bla bla, i hate it sm lol. this is your time to enjoy and live, you worked hard for this!! virtual hug

  • CaesarZeppli


    always nice to look back and see how bad you were doing and see how you’re doing now! makes you feel like you weren’t meant to die and stuff, super proud of ya man

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