i’ve been in a binge/purge cycle for a while. i want to eat less since i’ve been gaining weight but i’m worried i’ll fall back into restricting. any help?

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  • Snapcracklepop


    I take methylphenidate for my adhd (which I see you also have) and I found it had helped a lot with my bingeing. I stopped taking it during winter break and immediately went back to bingeing

  • Hurricane


    Same! I dont purge (i have no gag reflex and laxatives never seemed to be enticing) but i also feel that taking methylphenidate has helped with my binging. For me though, its just mindless eating when i'm upset, kind of a control thing ig. So the methylphenidate helps me process my actions before i impulsively eat yk

  • achilles


    Something that's been really helpful for me is Metformin! My psychiatrist prescribed it prior to my diabetes diagnosis for assistance with binging and/or restricting. It does a good job of making you more full faster, while keeping any food cravings virtually nonexistent. I was prescribed it for my diabetes as well, but that's not the only use:)!

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