lately it’s been physically impossible for me to go to school every day of the week without being late or having to go home early. (i wasn’t sure if i should put this under anxiety or autism but i think this is the best place?) i just don’t understand how people do it. today i had an anxiety attack and had to leave because i pushed myself to go even though i already felt like i wouldn’t make it through the day. i just feel like everybody has it figured out but me. i don’t get how people can do the same thing every day for 5 days straight without messing it up or getting burnt out or needing to take a rest. it’s too much. does anybody else struggle with this? so far i’m the only person i know of who has this problem.

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  • drac


    ^also i usually miss at least one day a week bc i can’t handle going every day, i had a shutdown today bc i tried to go in anyway

  • clownmotel


    i actually do relate to this. heavily. i missed so many days throughout all of high school because of this, especially my senior year. eventually i just stopped going altogether, and i completely failed every class my senior year. thankfully, i already had all the credits and qualifications i needed to graduate, so i graduated with no problems. but i missed so much school back to back during that last year that i was almost involuntarily dropped out. i used to make up reasons to not go or to come home early, but all in all i just couldn't handle it. i couldn't never explain why, and no one ever related to me back then. i took a gap year, which was extremely helpful, but i'm going to college this fall and i'm very worried it'll just be high school all over again.

  • _Basil


    I’m a college student and this is exactly what I’m struggling with right now. I’ve only been able to leave my dorm building like once this week. I am so burnt out that I’ve missed a bunch of classes… and now I have to talk to the disabilities office to see if my accommodations can be adjusted. It’s so hard. I have no idea how I’m going to survive the workforce when I graduate.

  • Rapunza


    I’m a college student and I relate to this so much. I’m late a lot, and the burnout from doing the same thing every day is SO REAL! I was literally just thinking about this a few weeks, how I don’t understand how people do this every day and don’t find it difficult and exhausting??

  • Bijoux_bean22


    My parents homeschooled us from day one to avoid this. When I did finally go to school it was always tough to be on time and stick to it. College is better because it’s really interesting and I want to go to class/ see my friends. It can still be hard though. Good luck, you will figure this out.

  • BanderSnail


    I ended up dropping out of high school because of this. Just graduated from adult highschool last year and it was much better for me to be able to do it online at my own pace and at my own times/schedule. The program my school worked through is called Acellus, If you think something like this might be helpful for you I highly recommend looking into similar programs in your area.

  • Pristineravine


    I’m in my 20s and work full time and this has been me recently. I’m on a mental health break now and really hope it helps

  • stylin_star


    did i write this?! jokes aside, i truly sympathize. following, cuz i need answers too. my best recommendation is to request reasonable accommodation from your school counselors/ medical staff.

  • Mixan.Ruler_of_Cats



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