i’ve never had health issues before but recently i’ve started having heaviness in my chest. it feels like there is a weight resting on it. occasionally i will get mild pains and im not sure if this is me being extremely anxious (i’ve been suffering with sleep anxiety recently) but i made the mistake of googling my symptoms and it says i could have a heart issue. i’m going to the doctor today and i’m terrified. can someone please help me?

Chest pain

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

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  • SourLemons


    hey, i'm glad you're seeing a doctor and seeking resources that you need. it's a good step in the right direction and i hope you get the answers you need. it's okay to be afraid and anxious, it means you're a feeling, living person and you're worried for your safety. i struggle with different forms of anxiety and have gone down a spiral of wondering what's wrong with me leading to more anxiety—rinse and repeat. just know that you are more than your anxieties, and you are worth all the help you need. sending hugs ♡

  • Pancakes14


    Googling symptoms is a mistake me all make 😅 I still have a bad habit of googling mine from time to time and always regret it. But I'm glad you're seeking help! I've been having chest pains as well, but I don't have anxiety so I think mine is related to my other health issues. Try getting a good list of symptoms up for your doctor and it should help alot (: good luck!

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