What kind of doctor/specialist is best for getting a diagnosis for chronic pain and fibromyalgia?

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  • fridakhalifa


    Rheumatologist is usually it, but some people get the diagnosis from a General Practitioner

  • royalty


    I got my diagnosis from my GP. I started logging daily symptoms in a journal and had him read it. That's how I was diagnosed.

  • glumanddum


    I was diagnosed by a GP and had it confirmed by a pain management doctor.

  • LexyCagle


    I went to my GP as well at first she wanted me to go to a rheumatologist however I was not able to at the time I decided to start logging my pain levels exactly where and on a scale of 1-10 how bad and she went over that with me pushed on my pressure points and she diagnosed me with it at the age of 18

  • Bluebonnet


    I had a rheumatologist who handled my fibro and pain, I didn't see other doctors for it. They typically or the ones to do the testing and diagnose. In my experience.

  • JulieAna


    Rheumatologist for my diagnosis

  • Doglover25006


    Rheumatology diagnosed me with fibro but said they don’t treat it. My advice is find a good primary care who is willing to work with you and learn from you. For my primary care I bring in research on treatments I want to try and we talk through pros and cons and make a decision on wether or not to try it. But I have to bring things to her because most docs don’t know anything about fibro specialists and primary cares alike. Also get an acupuncturist if you can. Some insurance will pay for it. It helps with everything from chronic pain to digestion to sleep to anxiety and more.

  • Lunas_Mom


    My Rheumatologist diagnosed me, but says he can’t treat it. I have a friend who highly recommended that I find a “Functional Medicine Dr.”, but they are somewhat difficult to find, and insurance usually doesn’t cover them. 🙁

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