How do you cope when exercise increases pain and fatigue?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • happyfacee


    Hi! I’m a dancer so I do a lot of extreme movement that end up hurting my body but for me I try to motivate myself since I would like to dance forever and it’s something I love to do but I know it’s been getting more challenging recently to even wake up and go to my dance practices so it’s been getting harder for me but I really just push myself even though that means that I’m in even more pain and I’m tired all the time which sucks but it’s the only think that I love to do and feel like my medical condition can’t take away even if I’m at my worst but I would recommend trying something that won’t but your body limits but your still exercising and you actually enjoy doing when though it might not feel the greatest to exercise! I’m kinda new so I hope this helped :)

  • Hopealaways


    For me it’s a cycle. If I don’t work out my fibromyalgia can get worse, but sometimes my body doesn’t cooperate. I had stopped doing interval training, running, etc. when I experienced fibro symptoms and started with a stationary bike when diagnosed. Even on that, my body craves balance.

  • Tazzymax


    It’s so hard. I used to be a runner. Now I can’t handle cold temps or even waking much more than a mile or two at a time. Yoga is boring… I just hate winter!!

  • Bornasurvivor


    Ok. Thanks those are great answers. I love swimming. I swim for exercise. I also used to run but stopped as well.

  • OuchiePrincess


    Having a PT informed on Fibromyalgia was a game changer for me. Unfortunately it does require going regularly and repetition to keep my muscles where they need to be

  • glumanddum


    Try to slow your pace and stay with low intensity exercises. Start slow and build slow. For FM, what matters most is low intensity and consistency of practice.

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