Does anyone else have nervous ticks when you have flashbacks ? For example - snapping your fingers or saying a phrase. How have you dealt with it ?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • DoodleDoodle


    I don't really have a nervous tick but after and/or when I have a flashback, I tend to be on high-guard or high alert

  • Ama


    I have nervous ticks where my shoulder shakes on its own or my head starts shaking. Sometimes my fingers curl in

  • Acacia


    I rock, like back and forth or side to side wherever im sitting when distressed or to stim

  • T3ddyb3ar


    The more we have been unmasking the more we have been having tics, they will get more pronounced when we are anxious or if there is a startling noise or something but not sure about with flash backs cause we tend to just kinda freeze completely…

  • AshMarie


    I have nervous ticks a lot, not sure if it’s associated with my adhd too. I get irritated at myself which only makes it worse

  • Medwyn


    I have tons! They might relate to a few problems I have but I definitely have them

  • HarleyStonerBabe


    No ticks. My muscles twitch sometimes when I’m stressed or jumpy but not with flashbacks. I used to wiggle my leg back and forth and rub a fidget stone, when I had nervous ticks as a child

  • QuinnS


    In a middle of a PTSD caused panic attack I twitch a lot. Also say one phrase over and over

  • Tinaja


    I have nervous ticks and my Dr gave me medication. I only use it sparingly because of work but it helps some. I try to distract myself

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