I have been having really bad Seasonal Affective Disorder this year. I’ve tried everything that usually boosts my mood, but none of it is working… what do you do to get yourselves out of that funk??

Episodic Mood Disorder

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  • Ameg


    I feel ya. Same here. I try to make sure I take my vitamin d3. And try to push myself out to go visit family and friends I have fun with. But I struggle with that so much. Like I know I’ll have fun when I’m out. But it’s the getting ready and getting out that’s hard.

  • sharkattack101


    @ameg I totally agree. I know that I really love a lot of things if I actually go out and do them, but it’s hard to bring myself to some tomes

  • Ameg


    Feel free to message me anytime. 🙂 But yeah I also feel like it’s gotten worse thru the years. Idk if it’s from exhaustion or what. But I don’t like it lol

  • ChristineD


    I sing and listen to music 🎶. I also got a SAD light a few years ago. But i can't get into a rhythm of using several times a day.

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