For those with avoidant attachment, what has helped you and how have you changed your ways of thinking? What helped you foster a genuine connection with others and accept said connection?


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    I definitely have trust issues which make it very hard for me to actually get into a genuine relationship. i have been taking time and realizing I can trust people and I can allow to let myself get attached because it’s okay and it’s part of a good bond with someone

    • jipperoni


      I know it’s okay to have connection with others, but the main thing that I run into is advancing that connection past just acquaintances. I can get surface-level close w tons of people, but when it comes to actually getting to know them and them getting to know me, I get scared over them hurting me bc of past experiences. How do you get past this point..?

      • PEPSI.LUV


        I choose to take tiny steps, like maybe try harder to get to know them on a basic level and then once u guys start talking more you both will feel more comfortable w each other

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