Does anyone with herniated cervical discs get numbness in one side of their face and shoulder? It feels like it will droop, but never does. I get terrible dizziness also.

Intervertebral Disc Displacement

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  • Ameg


    My shoulders/arms/hands go numb. Every now and again one side of my face will feel numb but not droop. Altho I don’t think they have happened at same time. I get dizzy too but again normally not at the same time as any of the others.

  • JojoVal


    I do not experience numbness in my face or shoulder. However, I cannot feel the last three toes on my right foot. Nerve damage is no fun, so sorry!

  • Grayles


    I have herniated disk C3 and anterior cervical disk fusion C4-C7. If you are dealing with numbness in your face, it could be disk is compressing your spinal cord. Definitely need to let doctor know. I had no choice but to have fusion on 2009 because I had 3 disks sitting on my spinal cord.

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