Does anyone ever feel like they’re going to have and anxiety or panic attack and then that feeling just like goes away?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • theb00t


    Yeah. Usually, if I feel it coming on, I'm able to calm my mind and avoid a panic attack altogether

  • pwettykoala


    What are good coping skills for panic attacks

  • JLaPine


    Tapping. Pressure-blankets, hug( I have a thing about being touched makes things worse), cut out stimuli- dark room silence or soft music decreased movement. I use an app on Alexa called my metronome set at 60 beats per minute- breath in 1 second, pause and let it fill you 2 seconds & out one second. I also use 54321 sensory practice. Hope that helps

  • Anastasia


    Many times! I want to believe it’s a sign we learned how to control our feelings and that we are more aware of them because in the past it has always developed into panic attacks

  • Quinee


    After years of feeling anxiety and panic attacks, now I can recognize them before. This is a fantastic skill that I learned over the years, together with my therapist. Thanks to the early detection, I can calm myself and go through the attack much calmer way!

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