i don’t like saying things to are good about myself but i’m trying to be more positive and while very gross and embarrassing and disgusting i finally took a shower after 3 weeks and i feel so much better


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  • Nessie


    Yay thats amazing!! You should feel proud. I know that might seem like a small thing to some people but for others it really is a huge deal and you shouldn't downplay that. I'm glad you feel a bit better.

  • ConfusedRabbit


    Wow, good job getting through that! Have you had any problems with eating or chores lately?

  • 13susanlyn


    Showers can be tough. Proud of you

  • Pfeiffer


    Celebrate every win no matter how small.

  • Kat.Wilder


    Honestly thank you so much for sharing this, makes me feel better that other people understand how hard things typically considered “easy” are.

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