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Is dare I was trying to ask some questions to see how my medical condition can be resolve some type of ways


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Chronic Migraine

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  • Missa526


    I have chronic migraines intractable. For supplements I take B2 400mg, CoQ10 100mg, and magnesium 300 mg twice a day. I'm on Aimovig 140mg once a month, Phenergan 25mg oral and suppository (for when I'm vomiting too much to take meds) and Fiorinol. When I get a bad one I just lay down in the dark with a Wellness cool strip from the fridge in a cool room, and try my hardest too relax..oh I'm also on Flexeril for TMJ. I live in Michigan so marijuana is legal here so I'll put on a THC patch or take 2.5 mg of a fast acting gummy. Worst case scenario I smoke a little concentrate out of my Yocan. It's very strong. I also have lupus ELS, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, very severe in my right knee. But the migraines top the list of pain. I hope some of this helps you.❤️‍🩹🫂🤞🙏💜

    • Dare


      thanks for taking your time to give me all these information you’re such a blessing I will try the supplements today and see how it goes since I am already on lobatadol and Amoldopine .. I will write you tomorrow and see how that work .once again thanks

      • Missa526


        anytime 😊! Migraines are hell, I just hope this helps you some 💜🤗

  • JXARabbit


    Swimming, walking and a good fitness routine helps me the most. Being sure to eat healthy and monitoring my caffeine and water intake are helpful in managing migraines. Also medical marijuana and aroma therapy. Hope you find what helps you feel better.

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