Does anyone struggle with temporal lobe epilepsy? i’m not sure if that’s what I have and i’m trying not to self diagnose, but I get these weird aura/deja vu feelings pretty frequently. I also suffer from migraines so i’m not sure if it’s just related to that or something more but if anyone struggles with it i’d be interested in hearing what it’s like for them to see if it’s similar to my experience of what i’m having.

Chronic Headache


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  • Momx3


    I do! I have had it for years before I finally had a dr listen to me last year and help me. It’s not a fun thing to have and I would love to talk with you.

  • SoftBreeze


    I get that feeling a lot, only had a couple of bad headaches in my life, I just assumed it was from my ADHD.

    • Momx3


      I had thought that for awhile until I got older and my seizures got worse.

  • spacejunkie


    I have, never knew why until I had a really bad tonic clonic grand mal seizure. After scan was performed found out I had a pretty good size tumor on my right Temporal lobe.

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