How do other people around you feel/talk about mental health?


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  • _Basil


    They act like they know what it’s like to have mental health issues… because they read about it once in a textbook.

  • Kim2022


    They don't believe that mental health exists.

  • comealittlecloser


    A lot of them think it’s a thing that goes away with prayer or good vibes and seem surprised or even angry at me for still being mentally ill after they told me to ‘just be positive’

  • Kendoll


    Ive surrounded myself with others who are mentally ill. Its worked out pretty well. My parents, i had to kind of fight to get to understand that it was real and not normal for others my age at the time. Seeing me get better with treatment convinced them, but theyre still a bit hesitant. My dad started going to therapy on his own.

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