How many do you all have anxiety? My gastritis was stress and anxiety induced. I suffer from GAD and always got migraines but I didn’t realize my gut be an issue too.


Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)

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  • FutureNurse


    Hi! I just got diagnosed with gastritis a couple days ago. I’m sure mine was caused by stress and anxiety too.. I do have GAD. Mine definitely shows in my GI tract. I get nauseous a lot when anxious. Diarrhea occurs frequently too. My resting heart rate is high too. Anxiety can manifest itself in any part of the body unfortunately…

  • saggee


    I have GAD and gastritis, they definitely overlap. Last week I had an episode of diarrhea and stomach cramps during school while taking a test that I was anxious about since the night before.

  • TiredSunrise


    Yes I had severe anxiety before I was diagnosed with gastritis right before the pandemic hit because of life/work stress. I’ve been learning more and more about the gut and brain needing each other to work, so they both need attention to heal and work properly. I went back on Lexapro for the first time in a decade because the pandemic did me in. Now I need to heal my guy now that my anxiety is better. We should keep in touch.

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