In your experience what is the best way to beat nighttime anxiety? I have a nightly relaxation ritual that I stick to but I’m back to nightly anxiety attacks. Anything helps, thanks!

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  • SoundGurrl


    ASMR videos have helped me a lot especially for nighttime anxiety. They relax me enough to where I can sleep. Also drinking warm drinks like tea or cocoa has been helping too.

  • Athena818


    It helps me to remind myself that the fear-based mindset is a liar. Treat that internal voice like a backseat driver, consider writing down your thoughts, and doing an activity that soothes you. Maybe even tell someone you love about your anxiety, you can’t cope all alone and you don’t have to. When you feel relieved you might feel like “oh that was such a waste of time” but it wasn’t. You’ve gained more life experience and you still have time to spend. In conclusion: you’re loved more than you know and you can do this.

  • Jess1980


    Tapping therapy app has been helpful. Breathing exercises if you aren't already doing those at night. I also second journaling or an activity that can distract your mind for a bit that you enjoy. Chamomile/Lavender tea... know you aren't alone on this one! You'll get through it. ♥️

  • RosieFairy


    I have found a very sensory nighttime routine to be helpful. So I make sure to turn on a fan that blows on me. I have an essential oil diffuser just for oils that I like the smells of. I make sure to take my nighttime meds with seltzer water so its fizzy. The more senses I can trigger the more grounded I feel.

  • Tomato


    To reduce nighttime anxiety I avoid big meals before going to sleep, And I try to soothe myself an hour before I go to bed, either by drinking tea or reading a book

  • Ellen


    I like to drink tea before bed - Chamomile tea and valerian tea. Also Breathing techniques are helpful.

  • Dyrim


    I do yoga and it helps me to find zen and not think. If I am not in a mood for that I'll make a cup of tea and listen to either thunderstorms or ocean noises to help my brain settle down.

  • Anastasia


    I have an app which you can choose sounds and melodies that you like and that calm you and it helps me so much with falling asleep. Its called “relax melodies” and it’s amazing! Besides that I have an oil diffuser and I try to go to bed not right after watching TV🙏🏼

  • MamaBPD


    ASMR has helped me tremendously with nighttime anxiety

  • Mars


    I take kratom supplements combined with box breathing and “body scan” meditation to help me relax until the kratom makes me sleepy. Raspberry leaf tea is also lovely and caffeine free, and I like to read if my restless leg syndrome is acting up badly enough that I can’t otherwise distract myself. (Please be careful with supplements and talk to someone who actively takes kratom and your doctor if you would like to try it)

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