Summary: looking for friends to chat with 🥰

A little bit different than what I usually post but I recently graduated high school (may 26th) and as a new adult I’ve realized that not much socializing happens outside of a school environment. Most of my friends were juniors (now seniors) so I’ve lost a lot of my friend group. I’m mostly just looking for people to talk to. My interests include: the fnaf lore, art (including traditional, digital, and ceramics), anime (I haven’t had time to watch any recently tho 🥲), music, video games like spiritfarer, Detroit become Human, Apex Legends (im not very good 😭😭 I play it on the switch while I save up for a console), legend of Zelda, and many more. I’m 18, non-binary, and demisexual. So if you need or want someone to talk to my dm’s are always open

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • aleboo


    hi!!! lets b buddies :D

  • LeighAnne


    Hi! I'm looking for people to talk too

  • skull_girl


    Hello!! I'm in a similar situation and have a lot of similar interests--let's talk :)

  • Mandipanda


    Hey! I’m down to make friends too! 💕

  • ctrlsza


    OMG i've never met someone else that likes spiritfarer! that's one of my favourite games !! congrats on graduating !! :D

  • stache


    I’m looking for people to talk too as well that deal with BPD!

  • queenofdaydreams


    Yo, I’m a little older but you sound cool af

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