Got another concussion (shocking I know) but this time I got extremely nauseous which has never happened before — along with this I had hit the back left of my head and the place where I hit it hurt but the pain in my brain hurt in the front right and so just for safety I went to the ER — which I never do immediately after a concussion. Everyone there was great Except the Doctor herself. It was clear she knew the bare minimum about concussions and even that felt outdated. Just so frustrating for me to go and do something I never do and then feel as though I wasted my time and my money. I wish ER Doctors/staff had to learn more about head injuries and more about current findings because they are the only place people with head injuries can go. I just am So Frustrated towards that ER Doctor and felt like she wasn’t listening to me at all.

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  • Lego22


    I feel the same. When I go to the ER I get the worst doctors. I don’t get it, ER is the most stressful department in the hospital but they get the worst doctor

  • pagan


    Honestly I feel you, my whole life I have been told that a concussion can literally kill me due to an injury I had when I was younger, but I got little to nothing aside from yup you're concussed. Although you also have to consider the times not only is covid everywhere, but at least here medical staff has a shortage, they're just trying to get you out as soon as possible. Although if you're having severe symptoms I would recommend going to see your doctor not just the ER.

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