Lately I have been dealing with major anxiety and depression, I’m hoping to hear back from an endocrinologist later today so I can make an appointment that will help me to figure out if my thyroid medication needs to be stronger and if it’s the reason for my anxiety and depression to be all crazy right now. If it’s not my thyroid, hopefully I can figure out what it is that’s causing these issues.


Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Kay777


    Anxiety and depression here as well. It’s like a dark cloud that hangs over my days. Not being able to find the solution can often make it feel more intense. Hoping you get some answers!

    • Nightwing26


      well I got an endocrinologist appointment but he was booked until January but I do go see my primary doctor next Tuesday so I can get some tests done to see what may be causing my anxiety and depression and then getting a gene sight test done to see exactly what medication will work with my body, I want them to get my medication right on the first try

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