I asked my work if I can get out at 5 every day. Right now I close the store at 7. I asked to get out of 5 because my pain is pretty bad after 5 and the owner of the store I work at said no. What can I do ? Any advice

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  • Angie


    Is there an HR manager at the store or branch? I don’t know what your legal rights are but maybe consult with an occupational doctor. All that said of course if otherwise you’re happy about your work place because if not I would just try to find a more suitable job

  • Mars


    I’m my experience it’s important to have a doctor’s note when you ask for accommodations. I got mine from my GP because she was so good about helping me get diagnosed, but you can also get one from the gynecologist or surgeon who diagnosed you if you call or email, or even a physical therapist.

  • Laubird


    Yup that’s what I’m going to do.

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