I’ve been socially isolating and not doing much at my job lately. My depression is kicking in bad again and I already go to therapy once a week but I just feel like I need more somehow. I was doing well and now I just feel defeated 😔


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Sydari


    Sometimes I go through these spouts of major depression; they're temporary. Try to reach out to more people if you need to or talk to someone through an app. I would just keep up with keeping things clean and eating properly, these generally don't last too long if you keep your routine going.

  • Bmanlittle


    Don't feel defeated its just a minor setback, I've noticed I did that and had to up my meds and got a new therapist and like sydari said keep reaching out and stuff that gets you mind off of the things that bring you down. You got this!

  • Lightning


    I’ve been dealing with this too. Every day that I go to work I end up making up and excuse to leave early because every single little task feels like an IMMENSE amount of work. I’m so burnt out and unmotivated. I’ve been avoiding friends and going into public as well because I’m so anxious and tired. You gotta remember though that life consists of hills. There are ups and downs. You may be in a down right now but all that goes down must come back up! Hang in there :)

    • Creativechanger


      I feel like you. I can't even work out of the house I do go to parks and nature places because I watch dogs now for an extra income and I love dogs around me. They get me out to walk and to the parks etc. I also like to drive in my small town and watch others. I miss out on so much because of my anxiety. Raising three special kids at 58 Is very difficult as well because there are teachers and conference calls Dr appointment etc all give me anxiety.

    • Lilly123


      you said it perfectly!!!!

  • Babygirlnicole


    I understand the depression, I deal with it on a daily, some days are good some days are bad, but with the right support it might help on how you cope.

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