Any body get really bad acid reflux from eating dairy? When I eat dairy I get acid reflux and integration/ nausea for days after. I taking lactaid usually helps I’m just wondering if lactose intolerance does this to anyone else?

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  • anniemily24


    I am also lactose intolerant but do not experience this. Although you are taking a lactaid,maybe cut down on how much dairy you are consuming?

  • LaveLavender10


    I'm lactose intolerant too but I've never experienced something this bad personality.. so it could have something to do with how much dairy you're consuming all at once..? I also recommend taking the lactaid with regular milk so it's the most effective when consuming other dairy. Or it could be if you're still eating the dairy after the lactaid wears off..? Then that could be why since it only lasts for about 30-45 minutes.

  • SorrowfulSparrow


    I get bad reflux after eating ice cream. Sometimes I even get sick :'(

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