What other medications have you tried for a alternative for fluoxetine the side effects with fluoxetine are harsh





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  • Skittlemasterrawr


    I moved from fluoxetine to Sertraline and abilify

  • Skittlemasterrawr


    I was having an allergic reaction to the fluoxetine making it so that I couldn't talk properly, it was making me stutter and slur my words so I told my Dr and she told me to stop immediately, so I did that and I got better within 2 weeks and started the Abilify. Ever since then The Abilify has been working wonderfully

  • 2high2try


    I use duloxetine and I really like it once we got the dosing right, I haven’t used fluoxetine since I was a kid. I’ve used Lexapro and duloxetine without janky side effects. No weight gain or mood swings, suicidal thoughts cleared up, my sex drive is dead though but that doesn’t matter to everyone

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