Hello!!! I’ve struggled with severe food allergies, as well as eoe. It makes eating really hard, i gets rush of mucus in my nasal passage and then it just drips down my throat. Any tips with the mucus and herbal supplements or any advice???


Eosinophilic esophagitis

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  • double_yolk


    I also have low grade food allergies and suffer with EoE. My allergist told me to take one Allegra every morning and also Flonase nasal spray to break up the postnasal drip. It has really helped me out and I recommend you try the same routine since these are over the counter drugs. Keep a daily journal of how it’s helping or not helping. Also get tested for asthma. Even if you’ve never had it, you could have developed an undetected case in adulthood. Asthma exacerbates PND and EoE. It’s all connected. Good luck!

    • Maddi_Rosato


      Thank you so much for your advice I appreciate it so much!!!

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