So, I want to get back on an amphetamine stimulant, but unfortunately I am a poor metabolizer of the main enzyme they are broken down by. Methylphenidate I THINK is doing the job, just looses its efficacy kinda quick.

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  • PuddingStone


    I am NOT a doctor but my prescriber has me on an AM and a PM doze of adderal. Maybe that is for you?

    • Digipuddi


      I second this! Ive been taking 10mg of adderall XR in the morning for about a year but always felt like I hit a wall in the middle of my day. My psychiatrist recently prescribed a dose of 5mg of instant release adderall to take in the afternoon and it makes my day so much easier to get through. Also, OP are you taking an instant release or extended release methylphenidate? Maybe extended release would help if you’re not already taking it. Definitely talk to your prescriber about this as they would have the most knowledge of what your options are and how things would potentially affect you.

      • nerascape


        I am on Methylphenidate ER 27mg. Also known as “Concerta”. I had a genetic test done that stated drugs in the methylphenidate family (including dexmethylphenidate) would have moderately reduce efficacy due to my alpha-2 autoreceptor being trigger happy (I am a big pharmacology nerd as you can probably tell). Amphetamines are strong enough to bypass this issue, as they are releasing agents as well as reuptake inhibitors. My liver just can’t break them down well since I am basically missing the main one amphetamines are broken down by. I would either have to have a low dose, or breaks in between so my body has a chance to excrete all of it.

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