I got a colonoscopy and an endoscopy on Monday. Both test came back normal. I am thinking about trying to get a gastric emptying scan. How can I advocate for myself to get this test without my doctors thinking that I am just self diagnosing?


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  • Cassiopeia17


    I’m glad you were able to get the colonoscopy and endoscopy done! I saw your other posts and I’ve been worried ab you and hoping it worked out. I would let them know why you want the test, and tell them that you want to know what they think and value their opinion as a professional. You’ve got this!!!

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  • Chronic_In_College


    I didn’t find out about my GP until the gastric emptying scan either. My best advice would be to ask for it and if they say “no,” request that they document in your chart that you “requested a gastric emptying scan and they denied.” You’re almost always guaranteed the test with this approach. Doesn’t matter if they think you’re self diagnosing if the diagnosis is correct! And with dysautonomia, unfortunately that’s very often the case

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