TW:parental abuse, depression, past sh/sewerslideal thoughts
that I’ve seen in another person (these are not my own)

So my boyfriend is living with his parents while he saves up this last little bit before he pays for this house he’s looking at in full. In the meantime his parents have talked down to him every little chance they get. He’s the only child, and I think they’re upset they’re losing him and they’re blaming me for it. They started telling him how awful I am and how I’m going to do XYZ to him and use him for his money etc etc. He knows I’m not going to do this but it’s triggering his PTSD and depression, anxiety, etc. He has ADHD and they’ve also been very on his butt on that as well. We both have abandonment and depression issues, we both work on them together and he was doing perfectly fine before his parents started seeding these thoughts into his head that I’m going to leave him or whatever. He’s been sewerslidal in the past but has not been recently as we’ve been working on bettering ourselves and working on self care and this and that, and has SHed in the past- and I’m mostly paranoid that they’re going to push him to ya know. He did do it again since then, which I’m very upset with his parents over but I didn’t tell them because I believe they would use it to make him feel worse. He’s trying not to want to progress and do more but you know it can be hard when both your parents are messing with your head on purpose! I’m very upset with them and I have to just keep calm because I don’t want them to blame him or to make them more angry at me then they are now.


Suicidal ideation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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    I'm sorry you're going through this. It can be really rough in that situation to be patient and bite your tongue. But at least you know it's only for a short while. Also, you don't have to censor the word suicidal on here. Since this is a medical support community, it doesn't remove posts with medical terms.❤️

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