I’m wondering if others have experienced adverse side effects from cymbalta. I am taking 60mg daily for fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. I’ve noticed I feel more anxious and am having trouble sleeping, and I wake up with more pain than ever before. Is this cymbalta or should I attribute those issues to something else? What other kind of negative effects have you experienced with cymbalta?



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  • whitephantom


    I've been on Cymbalta since 2014 and experienced no side effects. That doesn't mean that what you're experiencing can't be from Cymbalta though. All medications have side effects, so research it and tell your doctor. Good luck!

  • bee555


    i’ve had good experiences with it but it typically eliminates my appetite

  • Izzybee


    Cymbalta didn’t do anything at all for my pain actually. What I did notice was I was way more depressed on it than I was on other antidepressants and had increased suicidal thoughts. I ended up switching off of it because it was doing more harm than good for me. I didn’t notice any other symptoms than increased depression and suicidal thoughts. I was on it for about 4 months. This wasn’t the first antidepressant that this has happened with for me though

  • bat


    i haven’t really had any effects other than way more energy (which isn’t really a bad thing)

  • XxGoatman


    I’ve been fine taking cymbalta, but my doctor made sure to start me on a really low dose since I’m known to be sensitive to medications. I’ve had really odd side effects from other medications though, so I wouldn’t rule out that what you’re experiencing could be caused by the cymbalta.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    My depression and anxiety got so bad on it. I also had such a loss of appetite that I lost a lot of weight (I am recovering from an ED so that was very triggering). Overall my reaction was so unpleasant that my doctor put it on my allergy list so I never took it again

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