Hey question am I like weird asf for having no desire to differentiate my alters when talking to other people? I see sm people with DID sign with different alter names etc and no judgement towards that idc I just have never felt compelled to do that it sounds tiring I’m used to just like functioning as one person externally and then more ppl internally. My physical irl name isn’t the name of any particular alter and we haven’t dedicated one alter as a host it’s just the moving parts that make the whole [my body name] function in the real world (kind of). Ig it’s just strange seeing sm people w/ DID seem to connect over things I can’t relate to at all, tho ig my case also makes me more inclined to just never talk about it at all 💀

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  • luna70


    I'm similar. Some alters differentiate themselves from me, but a lot of them don't. For me it was isolating being in DID/OSDD spaces because everyone seemed to know when different parts were out, what their names were, who was who, etc. But, I've talked to other people with DID/OSDD who also don't differentiate their alters. So we're both not alone in this ^^

  • damon


    I feel exactly the same way. Even with using plurals those in my system tend to shy away from anything that would openly showcase DID or plurality. I've never been inclined to be open about it or distinguish myself but I think that's also in part because I hide it so heavily offline that it reflects online. You're definitely not alone on that front

  • DSMusic


    Nah, you're not weird I have sort of the same situation. Except they only differentiate themselves from each other during music production. So the only time anyone except for me knows that it's a different personality in control unless I'm working on music.

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    we like to sign off. the reason why is like, we're all different and we like to express ourselves when we can. some of us talk differently than others, stuff like that. still, not doing that is perfectly normal and okay

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