Hi. I’m finally doing an in lab sleep test after I have been trouble sleeping for three years. I’ve tried many drugs and nothing really helps. I know I snore. Has anyone else ended up having sleep apnea after thinking you had insomnia. I’d love to know your experiences.

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  • CoffeeAndDogs


    There are 3 components to sleep apnea. 1. Apnea fully stop breathing for 10 or more seconds. 2. Hypopnea shallow breathing that results in lowered oxygen saturation. 3. R.E.R.A. which is where your breathing becomes limited causing your body to work harder to breathe which arouses you from deep sleep. Would check with your doctor if they're using AHI or RDI criteria. AHI only measures apnea and hypopnea whereas RDI measures all 3. Snoring is one indication of possible apnea. Other things like excessive daytime drowsiness. General fatigue and run down feeling. Insomnia at night. Insomnia with apnea is a result of your body instinctively trying to prevent sleep knowing your breathing or oxygen levels may drop.

    • Dani_Girl


      That’s great info. Thanks a bunch. Based on what I know from playing back my snoring, tracking my sleep with my Apple Watch, and my general symptoms, number 3 would make the most sense if I had to guess my diagnosis. I’m never in deep sleep according to my sleep tracker. And I’m ALWAYS fatigued. And no sleeping pills keep me asleep.

      • CoffeeAndDogs


        I had a huge issue with being diagnosed as my original sleep studies used RDI and diagnosed apnea with #3 R.E.R.A. but when I changed insurance they made me get retested only using AHI and claimed I didn't have apnea. Often we do not fully wake up or are aware of these issues but the amount of deep REM sleep stages are cut very short. I have trouble falling asleep but will generally stay asleep as long as my pain is decently managed. Sleeping pills never helped me but I do take Amitriptyline (a tricyclic antidepressant) at night which helps me become drowsy. I also use cannabis and melatonin when I'm struggling.

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