How do you heal while being stuck in the same environment that caused your trauma?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • AngelBehr


    You gotta get out! Is that a possibility?

  • Vadania


    Not at the moment AngelBehr.. I am not in a financially stable position to move out, I’m finishing college, and I don’t have a job

  • Bewell


    You must get out of it or you will never feel like your in a safe place to get help to heal. Ask a friend a relative anyone!! I had to do it! 🙏

  • LadyKarma


    It’s honestly a struggle. I had to stay with my parents, in which my father was a huge source of my childhood trauma. I was out of the house as much as I could, with friends and things like that. I went to the library or drove around. The days I had nothing to do, no gas money, or friends were busy, I kept to myself and played video games, took a bath, and worked around my dad.

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