I’ve been struggling with some weird symptoms in only one of my breasts and I’ve been to the dr twice. The 1st time she just said I have fair skin so that’s why I have purple spots and it feels swollen cause there’s fluid. She didn’t even do a exam. The 2nd one she prescribed me a ointment to put on the spots and she actually did a exam cause I mentioned it feeling tight in my underarm in the shower..she didn’t find any swollen lymph nodes. Now it hurts on my upper side (a lil under my under arm) and under my breast (feels like bone pain). It could be my ribs but idk. And I feel like the spot is getting bigger🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m messaging my OBGYN monday for a possible 2nd opinion. My anxiety is through the roof!

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  • Lolita


    Hey, you went to see the doctor after you had symptoms and that was the right thing to do! 🤗 Don’t feel bad if your nudging her, that’s her job. I guess that when she examined you breast she didn’t feel any lump cause then she had sent you to an US. Did you started to wear a different bra than usual? Did you have any infection before?

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