I hate not being able to see a doctor or specialist, I’ve had a skin condition develop in recent years and I can’t pinpoint what it is, so I don’t know what triggers is and what to use to relieve it. I had rosacea as a toddler but I outgrew it, it looks the most like mild nummular eczema but I can’t be certain. I’ve used eczema honey product but it does not do much. I use Dr. Teal’s deodorant (which works well) and a regular dove bar soap (it’s not good or bad for me right now), I’ve even slathered on aloe vera gel just to try. I’m trying to stay more “organic” and fragrance free but whatever works, I’m willing to try.

Atopic Dermatitis

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  • mommy2020


    I am sorry that you are going through this

  • nellyxo


    I feel you The itch is a part of my identity but I hate it

  • juraco


    hey guys new to the app. i’ve had eczema on my chest, face , scalp, and neck the majority of my life. prescription ointments and creams and shampoos work great until they don’t. i do believe that some stress triggers it, then some foods do, heat, or being too dry , etc. Basically you can’t run from it. Honestly though the best thing that’s natural i’ve seen eliminating it for weeks at a time is sunlight. It first happened on a cruise i was on. I got plenty of sun and all of a sudden no eczema anywhere and my skin was soooo smooth. i did get a lot darker being African American. but it was well worth it. i was getting 1-2 hours of sun a day . And until this day whenever i’ve had too much frustration i go get some sun and it still works like a charm. I also released that yeast cleanses(pills that cleanse candida overgrowth in the body) work somewhat…… also i feel like it has a strong connection to gluten!!

  • Isu


    Hey! I use doves unscented hand lotion and like their unscented sensitive skin body wash. I also use cbd oil on especially dry spots then do a thick layer of Vaseline. I have a prescribed cream but I just ran out so I'm in a similar state ATM lol! I would definitely try and see a doctor. When I was younger I got the shots but I changed insurances and had stopped and then my eczema evolved(?) So now I get pus bumps on my patches (yay) so don't wait because 'oh this is working someone it won't get worse' it very much can

  • Gillyy


    I definitely recommend the moisturizers from cerave. I try to use the moisturizing cream and then lather the healing ointment on top of that so I can lock in the moisture

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