Hey I’ve been suffering from CIU for about 6.5 years. It’s been a long journey. First I was diagnosed with scabies by a GP and did several painful treatments for that. I then went to an advance derm and found out about CIU. That’s when I tried every med under the sun to no avail. I finally found xolair a few years later and it completely changed my life for the better. My hives are pretty well controlled with monthly xolair but I still have the occasional flare up.




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  • CrazyPlantQueen


    I take 4 Zyrtec a day to help my hives and I hate taking so much! I will ask my doctor about Zolair! Thank you!

  • Medwyn


    I take a daily Xyxal and Montelukast, they help me but I still have some bad days. Thank you for the information!!! I mostly stay inside since my hives and flare ups are caused by any plants or nearness to plants

  • ChronicallyRed


    I was diagnosed with CIU 4 years ago. I’ve been on Xolair for 3 years. It’s been completely life changing for me as well! I went through all the usual OTC and Rx meds you can think of and nothing except prednisone worked, and that was only a short term solution. We’ve had to increase my dose to get it to where I don’t have any flare ups. I had some flare ups the first year, but now I don’t. Best of luck to everyone who is suffering! Don’t give up until you find something that works for you. If you’re seeing your GP and you’re not satisfied, try seeing allergist or other specialist.

  • Ellie24


    Hi! I’m new here. What does CIU stand for?

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