Is it normal to feel guilty for being depressed or angry?

Low Mood

Chronic Restlessness and Agitation


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  • vlynz


    i’d say it’s definitely normal! i experience this a lot

  • crash


    I agree I feel guilty that I should had done something

  • shibby


    Yes it definitely does. Sometimes I feel guilty about stuff I shouldn't and when I think about stuff I get super angry. I just have to remind myself there is a time and a place for my anger. Usually the gym

  • Karly_Cook


    I feel that!!

  • Bumbling_Bee


    We're always the most critical of ourselves. I will feel guilty all the time but it's important to acknowledge that you can only do the best you can on any given day. If the best you could do today was laying in bed all day, that's the best you could do, and that's okay. You can't control your feelings or the fact that you feel guilty for them, but just know you're not alone.

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