advice needed: i’ve always felt unworthy and not enough to have the things i have in my life. a loyal boyfriend and great friends for example. i’ve always felt the need to say inside my head “he could find better” or “he deserves better” and i wonder, “why do these people even want to be my friend?” it’s a very confusing thing to feel and think. i know that the reason i feel this often is low self worth but it’s hard for me to feel content in myself and love who i am.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Jess1980


    Easier said than done sometimes, but change the thought process and change the words. Tell yourself I am doing my best. I am a good friend. I am worthy of being loved etc. With repitition and reminding yourself you are worthy of all the things it really does help. You can change your life with your thoughts. I send you all the love and light. You will get there!

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