Hi! I have to switch to a generic version of Humalog and I’m nervous it might effect me differently, as I’ve been using Humalog my entire life.

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  • JX


    What brand is it?

  • SoniKuri


    I've taken Humalog before and thankfully I didn't have really any side effects I take novolog currently and have for a while without any side effects. I know that as soon as I take it within 5 minutes I have to eat something. It's not near as fast acting as f i a s p. Dang talk to text I have to literally spell out the word

  • PineMarten


    I've switched between novolog and Humalog and novolog and generic insulin aspart before without any issues. Best of luck!

  • vibrant


    I had to switch as well a few years ago for to insurance I was nervous as well go but my doctor back then was great about it. Made sure I was on the correct amount every 3 days I had to call it was like the first month

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