Hi! I just got my ileostomy reversed after 7 years. If you’ve had the transition from ostomy to “normal” again, please let me know your experience!

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Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • ughcanitakeanap


    oo tell me more about that! what does that procedure involve? i’ve had colitis for ~5 years now but want to learn more about all of my possible outcomes

  • Ares4


    Not in the same situation but wow what a transition that must be. I hope things are starting off okay !

  • Merg


    I’ve had that procedure done, I had mine reversed after 4 months as a teenager. As someone that has had a lot of mental trauma after my procedure I would definitely suggest talking to a therapist if you’re having any unsettling or emotional feelings. The physical recovery for me is still happening many years later. I have occasional pulling sensations and have had constant numbness around the surgical area since it was reversed in 2014. I’m sure our bodily responses are varied but I would definitely expect some new sensations. I’m so happy for you it’s a great big step towards getting better! 💕 Sending good vibes for your recovery

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